About Us


Established in 2004 the company is focused on providing the market with innovative repair and protective coating techniques.
Our primary objective is to provide complete building solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential markets, for both newly erected and old buildings to a level above that of industry standards. Mainland Building Solutions Pty Ltd is ever aware of all new methodologies and will constantly carry out testing of all new introductions allowing only the right methods and products that suit each project ensuring client benefit’s. The company itself is a member of many trade organizations and other institutions which further enables us to be knowledgeable with regards to the market and technology changes, as well as the requirements of the various regulatory bodies. At Mainland Building Solutions, we are constantly working closely with product manufacturers to guarantee that we consistently apply the products in a way which ensures their longevity and structural soundness. We also employ a dedicated OH&S officer who ensures that our work practices meet, and also exceed the legal requirements for our industry.